Those being admitted to the hospital arrive in the most striking circumstances.

It seems counterproductive to refuse care when one is clearly in need of assistance, I will say it time and again.

Anonymous sent: illusion

((Remy does not like taking credit for certain things if he thinks it will cause him problems. For this reason he has managed to avoid telling anyone but Flyte about his ability to manipulate weather, instead just coasting along with the illusion that none of it is his doing, despite always being perfectly dressed for any occasion.))

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Anonymous sent: memories

((And another one of these so we’ll take another twist.

Remy’s rather obsessed with remembering things (that he deems valuable). The fact that he’s writing a memoir illustrates that. He has thousands of journals and loose papers where he scribbled random thoughts and memories for later use. Those papers are some of the few possessions he’s managed to hang on to.))

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Anonymous sent: accent

((And a second one, so here’s a different twist on it;

He thinks accents on other people are pretty attractive as long as he can still make out what they’re saying. Otherwise it’s just like most other things, a slight difference in people that’s not really worth picking apart if they can’t change it. He’d never judge anyone for having an accent and frankly he can’t even recognize where a person would come from if he heard one.))

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Anonymous sent: Accent, Judgement, Critic

((Accent- Remy spent his entire childhood and teen years in Alaska. He doesn’t really sound like he’s from anywhere in particular, but he does sharply over-enunciate some words as if compensating for some sort of lisp or slur.

Judgement- Remy doesn’t tend to judge most people unless they stand out to him in some way or other. It usually tends to be negative. If he judges you he generally won’t go out of his way to put you down at every turn, but he does turn to passive aggressive scolding in thinly veiled posts.

Critic- He’s very critical of everything and how it relates to his own quality of life. Beyond that, not particularly. If he seems to make a habit of dissecting things that people say, it’s mostly either out of facetious action or an error on his part in trying to be helpful. He’s very self-centered and generally won’t care about something unless it involves him, at which point he becomes absurdly passionate.))

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Anonymous sent: Memories, Apathy, Morality

((Memories- His memories are what tend to dictate a lot of his decisions, particularly about leaving. One of his earliest positive memories is of escape, as he left the place he used to live which treated him poorly because the considered him both dangerous and a liar. Even to this day he’s vaguely concerned with the fact that he will be found and forced to go back. He disagrees with everything about his species’ systems, so none of his childhood memories are particularly positive.

Apathy- Remy comes across as exceedingly apathetic and dry, at least in writing. His tendency to overcompensate formality online restricts how much emotion he’s capable of displaying. In person he tends to be loud and his body language flip flops between sharp and aggressive or crooning. In essence he has a mask of apathy that he will drop around those he feels comfortable with.

Morality- Remy’s morality is driven by self interest. He allows his own emotions to get the better of him and does not think more than fleetingly about the consequences of such actions. When he does ‘good’ things it is mostly in an effort to sync up with those he is friends with. Had he become friends with a villain he would just as easily have taken up their ideals. His only real concern is how people, at large, are treated and that that is entirely equal.))

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Anonymous sent: Lies, Love, Plans

((Lies- Remy doesn’t exactly have a habit of lying. In fact more often than not rather than lie outright he will say something entirely different and unrelated, and if pressed he will just continue to ignore it. It’s common for him to ignore or muscle past issues he has with things. Half of the reason for this is anything he would want to lie about in the first place is something he would not want to even admit to himself. Sometimes he will tell half truths, or conveniently omit part of a statement but rarely does he flat out lie.

Love- Remy loves many things, mostly material possessions or the prospect of wealth. It isn’t exactly easy for him to get attached to a person but when he does it quickly transitions from “I think I probably tolerate you” to “let me lay on top of you and steal your cupcake”. He has a strong attraction to people he likes, but he’s also quick to flee if he senses trouble, and his romantic attraction will not keep him rooted if he is.

Plans- Remy’s plans at the moment are to not die in the plague. It’s actually rather surprising he hasn’t just flown away outright, since that is his natural defense against things that frighten him. Luche falling into a coma seems to have given him a reason to stay and help, as well as Flyte’s support and suggestions making that a more stable option for him. He figures that if they all survive he’s going to try a lot harder to balance his time between his personal goals and spending time with the few friends that he has/helping them.))

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Anonymous sent: If I die during all this crazy plague shit, you get the couch cushions... and the house. I trust you with it... just promise me you won't sell it... even if you fly far far away.
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